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Cursed: (In desperate need of constructive feedback) 

When Zaria Rose Smith finds a necklace with her name in-scripted into the side of the silver metal, her life is changed forever in ways that she could have never of imagined. She is forced into a world of magic, love, trust and betrayal. But can she unravel the mysteries of her past before it’s to late?

Enchanted: (Feedback also welcome)

Fragmented memory. Breathtaking magic. Forgotten love. The ultimate betrayal. 

Alyssa Gray has just woken from a one thousand year old enchantment that kept her under the grip of sleep, and only now has the spell broken. But things aren’t as nice as she would hope. A string of related murders is terrifying the castle inhabitants and there is one thing on common: they are all human. Alyssa knows that it is more than just a psychopath is on the loose. And if she doesn’t find the murderer soon, could she be next?

Works in progress:


Welcome to the world where, as soon as the sun sinks below the horizon, nobody is safe. Isadora Woods, the daughter of the mayor of Crescent, knows this as well as everybody else in the rest of the small town that she has lived in. Isadora’s world is shattered into a thousand pieces on that unforgettable night, but can she piece the shattered remains of her life back together in time to fulfil her destiny?